Whats on.

Suck it up dancers because there are a few alternatives to go and play with.

Friday 3rd
Graphiti    Club Jervis Bay
Fab duo just to kick back. enjoy some refreshment and listen.

We went to the country club last Saturday night and watched them perform….it was great,  then the jiggers slowly arrived and we left by 10.30pm…..had a fab night listening to these two…..no trouble….just people enjoying themselves….we didn’t dance,  we only went there to be entertained,  and they certainly did that….thanks Mike and Monica..


Saturday 4th
Sirenics Sussex Bowling Club.
Great duo that provide some great dance music.
be warned,  the club dance floor will be a out of control child minding centre until after 9.pm , Painful! -
then it clears out and then you have the place to yourself. ……..  usually..

Last time we saw them was at Sussex RSL – a small floor.  a few children early but better managed than at the Bowlo,  after 9 the place was ours and we had a great time… Thanks Simon and Ren…

Country Club
Platinum Duo    Basin Country Club – Lounge
Not bad...you will get some dancing.


Sunday 5th
Country Club
Backlash   Lounge
They were good last time so expect to dance,   some of the FIFO Gang will be away so it might be a quiet one.


Dance Practice.
We had a great time on tuesday,,,went over some new moves and we kicked off an hour early so we could do some...yes believe it or not!...ChaCha,  and slow rhythm  dance practice.
Hoover showed us a move to add to the Cha Cha - Thanks Hoover....

We did some Swing practice and Sybil and I went over a couple of new moves that are pretty easy.
all in all a great night. And it was good to have Mu back...at least Hoover will have a regualr dance partner.


Australia Day 2017.

Any excuse for the FIFO gang and friends to get together is a good one….and that’s what we did yesterday for _”Australia Day”’    Mr Garry James was the entertainer and he did a fantastic job…. so good in fact they asked him to stay for another hour…we were happy about that….It was great having some of the ‘flatliners”  arrr!  “linedancing girls” and their partners there….we had a ball…lots of dancing to some great Aussie R&R classics,  mixed in with some old time R&R and some country for the girls….we virtually had the floor to ourselves with only a few others joining in the fun….Bigsy,,, ‘Should I have another one?….Should I ?     “go one one more won’t hurt you”….Bigsy had already organised a lift home by her loving hubby anyway,  in a shopping trolly!…..,,,,gotta love when a plan comes together…

It was a very fun filled afternoon and I couldn’t think of nicer bunch to hang with for Australia Day….

Thanks Garry for the great music – much appreciated…..here are just a few shots from the arvo.




27th Friday Night – Tonight,  a few of us are going back to the club tonight to watch Mike and Monica from Grafiti do their thing….it will be an early night for most of us as we are up and away to Sydney tomorrow morning for the day…It’s been a while since we have been to see this fab duo and where looking forward to it…kicks off at 8pm,  we will be leaving about 10pm I reckon….so if your in the mood for some fabulous music,  come along,   we don’t go for the dancing,  just for the great sound these two put out.

Hope to see a few there,,,,catch next time….

Weekend Wrapup

FridayWe decided to hit Sussex Inlet RSL as the Sirenics were playing, pity the floor is so small,  we hooked up with the FIFO’s,  Hi Ho and Silver and spent a most enjoyabe evening of dancing…..there were a few kiddies earlier but by 9pm we had the place completely to ourselves and the dance floor suddenly grew……..we did some great dancing and were thoroughly entertained by these two great singers…Can’t wait to see them again.

Fantastic arvo at the Country Club with Clockwise
….the boys always deliver,  and earn our respect as musos…great sound…fab singing and Mike lashing out on his guitar is fantastic….he let loose on a few and to finish off the night with a great  dance number by Steve Ray Vaughn….man that was fantastic….thanks again fellas the FIFO gang had an absolute ball….

We had some new people join our little gang for the arvo….Steve and Kim…they dance great…hopefully see them again soon…

Cads was on a roll all arvo and had a fab time giving Sybil a hard time as usual…but Sybil  got him back and put him well and truely in his place…which had the unflapppppppable Cads actually stunned….that lasted for about 15 seconds…which is  along time in Cad’s time frame…

We are planning another FIFO Camping or in some peoples cases Glamping weekend away….can’t wait for that…

Of course the full moon aspect of the FIFO weekend was bought up again,  so now we have a benchmark set…what will happen next time??….(you had to be there).

Was great to have Jannette join up again…There was way to many ladies and I didn’t get around to servicing them all….maybe next time….but I was enjoying the great swing numbers the boys were playing and Sybil loves them as well….so sorry ladies…..

The good crew from the Monday nighters were there and having a great time,,, good to see one of my favourite ladies again…Lorain looking so well.

MU has made a remarkable recovery and is firing on all cylinders….now I just have to put her back on my dance radar and remember she is able to dance again…

So a fantastic arvo of fun and dancing to a one of the best duo’s on the circuit….
Practice. On again tomorrow night (Tuesday 23rd) at the Husky Community Hall
7pm start
…bring a drink because it looks to be a warn night by the forecast….it’s air conditioned and fanned so that’s some relief….
We have had to put the fee up to $6.00 a head to accommodate the rise in hall fee’s…extortion I know,,,hahahaaa..

I have had a couple of enquiries over the last two weeks from people about coming along and learning to dance….but  I have directed them to other places as they were complete beginners without partners and we aren’t really set up for complete beginners….Hope they follow up thier interest at those venues…

Anyway see you there on Tuesday or somewhere else later…….

Whats on.

Ok there are some options, so no excuse to be a dreary bod and stay at home,  get out there and do some dancing…..

Friday 20th.
One for the travellers – definately worth the effort.

Midnight Drifters – Westside Rockers    Illawarra Master Builders Club

Friday 20th
SiRenics    Sussex RSL Club
We had a great time we saw them at this club...small floor unfortunately.

Sunday 22nd
The dynamic duo are on and so are the FIFO gang….see you there!!!


Weekend wrap

Sunday with Garry James.
We didn’t go anywhere on the Friday or Saturday night,,,still to many tourists for me,  We had a ball on Sunday though, Just about all the FIFO gang turned up except MU she was sitting at a tennis match trowing here haed from side to side watching a little rubber ball go back and fourth, back and fourth, back and fourth, back &,  you get the drift!
And Collette who has just lost her dad…the FIFO gang pass our heartfelt condolences on to Collette and the family…

Garry played his fingers off.  doing some great numbers and getting the floor rocking,  was good to catch up with the nice crew from the Monday nighters….and a few other friends,  Thanks Garry for a good arvo….thanks girls for the dancing, and yes my legs were sore the next day because of lack of dancing over the break….
PRACTICE IS ON!!! -  Yes tonight we will start another year of practice….make’s you perfect from what I hear….we will just have to see about that!….so see your faces there at 7pm and ya butts at 9pm as you walk out the door…
Husky Community Hall….bring some drink for yourself because it’s been hot lately….the hall is airconditioned and fanned up but it still gets warm…

What’s on this weeknd

Well for all you out there that love to dance and to be entertained there is a reasonable mix of local venues and entertainment for you to go to this weekend.

Saturday Night 14th
Graphiti    Sussex Inlet Bowling Club
You will get some dancing but that’s not why you go see this duo….just kick back,  have a drink and enjoy the vocal and musicality of Monica and Mike…love Monica’s singing,,,of course you will have to put up with runaway children until 9pm….the club is a bit of a child minding centre until then, but after that they all leave and you get the joint to yourself.

14th - SiRenics  Bomaderry Bowling Club
Great duo…when there alowed to get the volume up they turn on the hits…great dance duo  we had a ball last time we went and saw them play…there attracting some regular dance followers enjoying their music.
They rocked out the Country Club the night before New Years Eve…the place was packed and the floor was just about throwing bolts..

Sunday 15th....Garry James
Always reliable…always entertaining….the FIFO gang will be ready to rumble….can’t wait…



Ok all you slackers,
I know you have been indulging to much over the xmas new year break, I bet you all have to let out your belts…I know I have….So that’s about to change,  because next Tuesday the 17th of January we will be back into practice at the Hall.  7pm kick off.  9pm the ambulance will arrive to revive us all and send us home.
Hope you had a good FIFO break
Sybil and I haven’t done much dancing…been happy to relax and give it a miss…but New Years Eve was a great night with Darcy and Garry James strutting their stuff to a good responsive crowd…we did lots of dancing and some jigging around and some general playing up as usual…
The next day we all went back up the club and Garry James was backing up for our usual Sunday Arvo gang gathering. 
It was a great arvo,   Garry played a great selection of tunes but we were in recovery mode and quite happy to kick back and do some listening.  The full FIFO Gang turned up and we spent the arvo exchanging xmas break stories involving family and friends, Cads was in fine form,  with family members all gone back to their respective homes,  it was time for the FIFO gang to have some fun together…

We were missing some of the gang as family commitments got in the way.  but we had a good roll up and everyone had a bloody fun time…..Sybil went to the big smoke to watch the harbour fireworks,  so I spent the night dancing with all the other ladies.

Sybil and I intended to have an early night, but after the gig we dropped the Pest and Cusso home and stayed for a couple of ales and a chat and some home made rocky road….yummmmmmmyyy…this ended up a late one and the next day was a very slow start.

Here are a few crazy heads from the night to kick you off for 2017….yikes scary…





Merry Christmas to all the FIFO gang and associated friends

It’s been another hell of a ride this year,,,,we have had our ups and downs…so many people getting crook or having body parts readjusted,….We have travelled to all corners of the dancing globe….not quite,  but you get the drift!.
Classes have been and gone and been and gone again…..our little band of doer’s have been having a blast,  We have learn’t heaps of moves and everyone has progressed well….dispite the on off nature of the beast.

We may be a small gang but where a moovin, groovin,  fun filled lot,,,,and thats more important than moves or who is best, or you have to do it a certain way….do it your own way,,,,as long as it works for you and your having a blast.

Next year.
Well where keeping the Tuesday night classes going….for some it’s the only chance we have of practicing,  When we know the dates for kickoff,  I will let you all know..

Stay well,  recover fast and live it to the max…have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year…

Last Blast

Tonight is definatly our last practice night for the year…so be there or miss out on the nibblies etc…

This coming weekend…
Saturday night the 17th Rock A Holics will be at the country club…heard there pretty good. – Jay Bee’s description
”Are you ready to experience the musical ride of your life.??? THE ROCK A HOLICS Duo will temp your musical taste buds with Rock & Roll hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and hits right up to today. With such artists as ELVIS PRESLEY ,ROY ORBISON, THE BEATLES “,
We will be at the club but for other reasons….definately stick our heads in throughout the night.

Sunday Arvo  - Clockwise – Our fav duo are back – get ready to move ya butts and everything north and south from there…Good times assured…

Xmas is nearly here…hang on to your hats…

Weekend wrap and all the goss.

We had a resonably quiet one as far as dancing goes all of last week….After the hype of the Xmas party it was sort of good to kick back a little.
Matt and Steve played their last gig at the club on Saturday night,  we couldn’t go as we didn’t finish mucking with the car until around 8pm…..to stuffed by then to do anything….Its such a shame to lose the boys and their tunes…hopefully they will let us know when their on at Greenwell point….no noise or fun police out there.

Steady came over my place and rolled around in the dirt all day,,,poor old bastard,,,he has bruises all along his bottom….don’t know how…that has plenty of padding!…..So the beddy now has new brakes,  foot pedals, throttle cable,  choke cable,  new battery cables,,,,heaps of stuff was achieved….thanks mate your a bloody champ..

What a way to spend your day off….anyway the supply of beer and home made Moroccan egg and bacon chilly roll must have dulled the pain on the day….

Went over Cussos and the Pest’s joint to find Cusso nutting out the new exhaust on the Thunderbird….I have to say his investment of a new hoist is luxury….probably 20 years late,   but now he is getting old and gray…ahhh….”silver”  no more stooping and rolling around on the floor…

IMG_3498Shot with a 10mm wide angle which stretches everything wider than the norm, including the Pest,  so the Pest looks a bit of a chubby chops….haha….I shouldn’t have said anything,,, she would be freaking out and on a diet. .heheheheee…


Last Tuesdays practice was canned as the main contenders were out of action….we have them going down like flies at the moment and to add to the mayhem
HI-HO has twisted her ancle and can hardly walk as well….

Sunday at the Club.
Backlash were out entertainers….not bad,  not bad at all….they wrapt it out early with some good rock and roll dance tunes,  fell away a bit in the middle as far as dancing goes…the music was good if you wanted to just listen….but to many quick or very slow lolipop rock and roll for me….the floor was jumping earlier but emptied for almost a full set in the middle as most tracks you couldn’t dance to…… The last set was fine…a mix of dancable rock and roll and slow walky stuff miss Sybil likes.   Overall a great arvo,  and good to hear someone new.   Apparently there booked in as a regular act next year….so I hope they have a big list of “dance” tunes,,,,of course this is my point of view from my hard to satisfy wanting to dance perspective…time will tell I guess,,,….the Monday nighters seemed to love them…
Mark is strutting his stuff with the slow walk dance with Sybil …very smooth Mark,  and thanks Mark for dragging her up for the waltz,   your my hero…hehe..

Good to see MU walking without the walking stick and feelinga  bit like her old self….

This week at practice.  it’s on….must be close to our last one for the year,  not sure…..it’s going to be a free night with mixed nibblies and drinks… no lessons as such….unless someone wants to go over something,   just a bit of social dancing and talking,   supply your own alcohol if your so inclined…we will do some dancing and discuss the direction for next year,   mainly see if everyone wants to continue on?   7pm – 9pm Husky Hall…

Where also getting a FIFO banner for Merimbula…should make the natives restless….our Mexican chapter have had one made as well….can’t frigin wait for Merimbula…


Xmas Party Report.

What a bloody great night




…Cads, Cusso, Hoover and myself turned up at 12am and decorated the place in Xmas and Rock and Roll paraphernalia and enjoyed a couple of celebratory beers to kick off the day……..thanks fellas.

Cusso came back home in the short time we had before the Xmas Party kisked off, to ponder the “Beddy Project” and amazed me with his problem solving abilities…..thanks mate.

45 people came along which was just nice…plenty of room to breath and dance….
We hired the David Price Band again and they did a marvelous job…everyone was wrapt in the night,,,thanks to all of Big Al’s crew from Sydney for coming down again….there a fantastic bunch of people and help make the night special.


Saw some great dancing,,,,had a couple of dances with Big Al’s wife Chris,  confused her with some of my moves and leads,,,,haha…..managed to dance with all the FIFO Ladies…..

Sybil did a great little Cha Cha with one of the Big Al crew…that drew a round of applause…he was smooth and Sybil always surprises with her ability to adapt and follow and look like she has been doing it forever,  now more pressure to learn the ChaCha will come I bet….have to go and see Deb and Graham I think for some private lessons…they are the smoothest in my books.

Thanks to all the FIFO Gang for coming along and making the night so special and especially for helping to clean up.
missed MU who has a sore leg still…poor Google had to leave early she is still crook as Rookwood,  don’t know what’s going on there, hope she gets better soon.
We were missing a few others because of other commitments.

Not sure what where doing next year….that will be decided after Xmas is done and dusted.


One of Big Al’s crew joined the band for a rendition of “Johnny be Goode”….


Now listen mate,  about that bloody Ford you just bought!.

FIFO bonding ritual,  the rest cannot be revealed.

Sunday Gathering at the Club.
Matt and Steve were our entertainers and what a misserable time the boys had….that bloody rediculous noise monitor cut them off first song after about a minute….they weren’t even loud,  they were actually pretty quiet….they managed a couple of songs without trouble and off it goes shutting them down again….
The boys adjusted their sound and it sounded crap…not them but just what they had to do to stop it tripping out their gear…which can’t be good for their system, then even after they moved speakers to point to the sides,  and almost turned off the bass,  it tripped a couple of more times….the boys had had it by then…you could see it in Matt’s face….he was pissed! - -- - and so had the audience…..The club needs to get the bloody thing checked,  from what the boys have said they might not be  playing at the club in the future,,,,so we have now lost another good dance duo….guess we might be finding other arrangements on a Sunday at this rate…might have to fire up the Moonshine Room and some home made pizzas…a few beers and kick back and make as much bloody noise as we want….





Weekend Wrap

What a busy weekend of dancing

Suffering with a bit of Linedance overload at the momen haha.
Friday Night.

Sussex Bowlo on Friday night for Jenny Landsberry’s Xmas Hawiian theme Linedance Social,  what  a great night, the girls did a  couple of great skits for everyone there, a great crowd, everyone had a  fantastic time..thanks Jen.

Saturday afternoon.
Sybil had her Xmas Linedance social on at Bomaderry Community Hall. Another fantastic time was had…around 60 people there,  all dancing the arvo away….The food was great and If i must say the hot food was cooked to perfection….I finally worked out the dam stove… I didn’t cremate the sausage rolls this year…the stove has a dodgy temp control that slowly winds itself on to a higher setting…won’t get me again!

Saturday night.
After the social we picked up Steady and Google and headed back down to Sussex Bowlo, HiHo and Silver joined us and so did Jennette and Jan,  Ren and Simon were entertaining.   Lots of kids early but better behaved than the last lot…and no bloody toys on the floor,,,,someone finally wised up.
Around 9 o’clock they had all left, leaving us with the place to ourselves other than another small group who were all about having fun…When the girls jumped up to do a linedance the ladies from the other group joined in as best they could,  they had a great time and wanted to learn a dance …so since we had the place to ourselves I suggested Sybil conduct a quick lesson by teaching Stray Cat Strut.  Simon quickly downloaded a version while they played another track and then we all jumped up and Sybil put them through it a couple of times,  then on went the music and we all did it together….the people had a ball and laughed and cheered at the end of the dance…it was a great moment… after they left we had a private dance party all to ourselves…I had a couple of dances with the nervous JAN….She dances great and turns like a top, thanks Jan…..it was a top night…lots of rock and roll and some sweet swing numbers to practice to…loved it…finished at 11 so an early night.

Sunday arvo.
Off to the Country Club in support of Garry James…we were a bit short on FIFO dancers as Google was a bit crook and a no show for the Pest and Cusso….but we were soon joined by the Monday crew and some guests from Batemans Bay,, then surprise surprise Miss Perfect and partner turns up and Kas and her partner as well…Great to have Cads feeling well,  and well and truely back to form. The arvo started to rock out as Garry turned on a great selection of dance tunes and requests…It was all laughs and dancing,  the people from Batemans had a ball and wished they lived closer…Sybil came out with the respose of the year to a certain action that Cads did to her as he walked pass…we ALL had tears running down our cheeks,  and Sybil unaware at first as to what she had said wondered what was going on,  and didn’t react until the penny dropped,  then she turned bright red, covered her face and cracked up in embarasement….a one of those “you had to be there moments” -------I actually got up a sweat from all the dancing…It’s been a while since I have done that. Thanks Garry.  back to ya best mate…don’t know what you changed but the sound was great as well…….

So today Im tired for all the right reasons…Sybil did almost 16 hours of dancing over the weekend…don’t know how she does it…thanks all for a great weekend….been a while since I have had one like that…

78404787FIFO Christams Party this Saturday Night the 3rd December.
Kicks off around 6.30 pm at Husky Community Hall.  with the David Price Band.
we have  aheap coming down from Big Al’s as well and the place will be jumping…it’s a bring your own everything night,  so bring your own everything…..


What’s on for all you rockers on the local scene.

Not a hell of a lot really, unless you want to travel!

Hi guys. A quick reminder of the
Fifo Xmas party on the 3rd December at the Husky Hall.
The David Price band will start around 6.30 - 700.  For non Tuesday night Fifos cost will be $20 a head.  It is BYO everything.  And dont forget to let your group know byo.
See you there


Friday 18th Nov

One for the traveller
The Rockhoppers – Westside Rockers    Illawarra Master Builders Club
Sure to be a good night.

Saturday Night. 19th Nov.
A few of us are off to see Legally Blonde at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre…
it’s suppose to be a cracking show with a couple of my relo’s in the mix.

Sunday 20th
Hits Central Duo    Basin Country Club – Lounge
No idea what there like, from their vids looks like pub  rock,  middle of the road stuff
Think we will be giving this week a miss as well...

Oh well at least we will get some stuff done to the Beddy.
Steady is coming over Sunday to  do the brakes and try to get the old girl kicked over…so a few beers and bit of fun and hopefully, the Beddy will have a voice…even for a brief minute will be fine…

Tuesday Night Practice
Lucky for last Tuesday night because dancing has been a bit slow of late,  practice was very good
we went over and put together some of our new moves and blew ourselves out of the park with how well where all doing with the swing..

Thanks all for coming I had a fun night….

FIFO Mexican Chapter.
ther going great guns down there…they have jackets with both ladies and mens embriodery, shoes, and a willing gang of FIFO converts who just “Get It’ today i sent them off a design for their banner which they intend to display at Merrimbula…haha can’t wait to see that…
mexican banner
What a pity The Preacher won’t be there to welcome all his new deciples…

weekend wrap up.

Saturday Night – The Sirenics.
We had a great weekend….we did a surprise visit to Sussex RSL on Saturday night and did heaps of dancing with the Sirenics…It’s been ages since we saw them and it was a fantastic evening…plenty of Rock and Roll and some swing songs…Pity the floor is so small, (but there is enough room for a few couples), because it would be a good little venue if there was a bit more room…..Thanks Simon and Ren…great night.

Sunday – Clockwise
The FIFO Gang hit our regular haunt Sunday arvo and as usual, the boys from Clockwise had us rocking all afternoon…another great mix of songs for everyone…they really are a class duo,  and always accommodating to the dancers…and not just the rock and rollers….great stuff….

Google pic.
Sad to see Cads so crippled with his sore back….hopefully that gets sorted soon….strange seeing him so dam quiet.

Mu called in for a while and showed us her scars from her knee opp…It will be a while before she hits the floor with the gang.

Google is still all flued up and went home early after just a couple of dances.
Now I have the dreaded lurgy, “thanks Google or Sybil”:  feeling like death yesterday but better today.

The usually seen Mr clean and perfect,  our gang member Cusso looked a bit like a half shaven terrorist on Sunday…he is preparing and raising money for the “Movember” cancer cause.  So the Pest was surrounded by little prickles all arvo…if you get my drift!.

Nice to see Nicole and Dave ripping up the floor…and having a dance with Sybil.

Nice to see Hi Ho and Silver there as well…
What’s on this weekend..
I don’t have all the info yet for the weekend, I will update later…
but on Sunday 13TH at the Basin Counrty Club we have the Platinum Duo - They have been there before and they did play a bit of Rock and Roll,  not sure what they will do this time….
Saturday 12th - Clockwise Greenwell Pt Bowlo

Blast from the past.
IMG_9707Below - Celebrating Kiwi Day…

IMG_9432Below - The real Kiwi amoungst our gang – Buttons.

DANCE PRACTICE tonight 8th November.
It’s on,,,no matter what…after the last couple of weeks being aborted because of illness and the Melbourne Cup,  we need the practice…7pm at the Husky Hall…”how do those moves go again?.