What’s happening locally.

A weekend for rest as just about everyone will be away at Chromefest for the weekend,  so the weeked for the FIFO gang will be a quiet one,   but for the stayers we have the ever reliable Rock –A- Billy playing at the Country Club on Sunday…I look forward to that…some real good no fuss collection of dance tunes should be the order of the afternoon…
Sunday 23rd.....Rock A Billy

Blast from the past. Stan the Man…

Matt and Steve last weekend.
Last weekend they cracked a first by setting off the noise police alarm half way through the first song….After a bit of cheering from the crowd the boys got into it and as usual played a great assortment of danceable tunes that had us on the floor all arvo….thanks fellas…great stuff,  sitting around for the raffles is bad enough but when you have to sit around because there are no dance numbers on offer is a bit to hard to bare…but as usual you ripped it up.
Dance practice was great…everyone was away as per the last couple of weeks but those who came shared in the fun…gold star pupil Hoover again proved he is up to any challenge by taking on “The Pest” move and doing it with ease..…now we have the Google,  Rotator, Sweet-Heart Spin, Double push pull, push pull, and the Grope all to revise and include in our dancing….I think there are a couple more but I can’t for the life of me remember their name at the moment…haha….anyway it was a fun night and a great opportunity to practice…

What’s on this weekend.

- Batemans Bay Soldiers Club
Friday 14th  and Saturday 15th - Rocka-Billy

Anyone on a run south for the weekend won't be dissapointed...another great act that cares about the dancers

- Basin Country Club – Lounge
Saturday 15th ...Graphiti
Always good to sit back and watch and listen...stellar performers.

Sunday 16th......Matt & Steve
guaranteed to get the Rock and Rollers off their butts and on the floor...two of the best running around the traps for dancers and should be supported.

- Bulli Workers Club
Sunday 15th...Midnight Drifters
What can you say...terrific band been going for years and perform from one end of the map to the other....expect a solid following of R&R dancers...

No report from last Sunday as I didn’t go…Sybil had a sore back and couldn’t dance and I just didn’t feel like dancing for some reason,  so I caught up with stuff at home…and watched the end of the Bathurst 1000…

Dance practice is on tonight 11th Oct. no matter what! ….haha…I need some…now all I have to remember was where we were up t0 before we were rudely interupted 3 weeks ago.

What’s on

WELL, WELL, WELL, Someone “anonymous” told me to stop using yellow on my titles  “It’s to hard to read’
well you know how I like to please people that have nothing nice to say,  but are willing to be a critic anonymously.
well here you go,  no more Yellow titles.

Saturday 8th Oct.
Basin Country Club
Jacii Leigh & Dave Price    Basin Country Club – Lounge

Saturday 8th
Oct.Rock-A-Holics    Bomaderry Bowling Club

Sunday 9th
Clockwise     Basin Country Club – Lounge 4-8pm.


You can’t say I don’t aim to please!…
What has been happening? ^^^^IS THIS BETTER!
Well I hyaven’t been in the mood lately for doing to much dancing,  but we did have a fun time up the club last weekend with the ever reliable CLOCKWISE as our entertainers…no one left early,  that’s always a good indication everyone is enjoying the mix…It was great having Twisted and Crispy down for the weekend and joining us for some dancing.  We had lots of fun,  lots of mayhem and some twisted humour as only the FIFO Gang can have…


Cusso and the Pest strutting their stuff to a faster one…great job.
IMG_9653The Pest, Twisted Sister and Crispy Foreskin..don’t ask!  
IMG_9660The preacher and his new deciples reciting the Lords Prayer.
Opps!  I think Crispy got a bit to excited and Precher Cads just got a “little” more than he bargained for.
MMM…no matter how much he looks,  it aint been seen in years…where a close lot the FIFO Gang.
And old Steady was even seen to move off the nest at least twice in the one afternoon…now that Sybil is back he may have to move a couple more times….
Dance practice tuesday night will be on unless no one wants to come…..let me know! ….Sybil is back,  so raring to go..
By the way I do all sorts of weird colours because I can and everyone else is so bloody serious about everything dancing…except the FIFO gang…”it’s all about fun”

ok whats up with ya!!

enough on offer this weekend locally

Friday 30th Sept
Dave Price Rock N Roll Duo    Worrigee Sports Club
Great performers that will have you rockin,  but. a tiny, tiny dance floor...fits about 4 couples if your nice...such a shame...so much open area and they cram a postage stamp sized floor in a corner near a tv...can't work out some clubs.

Friday 30th Sept.
Full Throttle Rockers    Bomaderry RSL Club
Full on rock and roll band that will "pump up the gas" definatley worth the 10 dollar entry...great floor,,,,just make sure you get your last beer before 10pm...otherwise the last hour will be a dry affair....another weird set up!

Sunday 31st Septimage
Clockwise     Basin Country Club – Lounge
Yee bloody ha to that...finally a duo that will suppy some rocking tunes for the dancers...and what’s even better Mark was suppose to be retiring from the duo for next year and Mike was maddly trying to find a replacement without any luck...and it looked like we were  going to have another Sunday without a good rock music mix.     But Mark has decided to stick with the duo and only do the Country Club Gigs as he enjoys the south coast gang so much...we are very grateful for that.......Thanks fellas.

Last Weekend.
Well Sunday was a mixed bag…Darcy and Garry played great and were very entertaining,  but for the R and R dancers there wasn’t a lot on offer.  two rock and roll meddlys,  one really fast that emptied the floor and the other a great mix of individual R and R song snippets,   Myself and Starter’s were the only takers as we didn’t realise it was another meddly,  I don’t usually dance to meddly’s,   we didn’t last the whole round, it would have been great to have a few of those good individual rock and roll tunes broken up throughout the sets right from the start instead off all grammed into one… we left the floor empty and sweaty….but im not a muso…..that was about it…lots of country and lots of oz pub rock tunes…anyway it was good to catch the gang, and have a few beers,  as it’s been a few weeks because of varying commitments that have kept us apart…..




what’s ya lot for this weekend

well it’s been full on…Although Tuesday night’s practice was cancelled…no shows everywhere,  for a mixture of reasons.
Maybe next week  - if im in the mood!  - haha…

Cusso and the Pest went to Kiama Rockabilly Festival last weekend…they camped under a tree in their swags in the park,,,were woken up bright and early with sound of sweet rockabilly music and surrounded by cars and people…now if you believe that.,  I have  a nice waterfront property to sell!  going cheap,  snorkels supplied!…..  They actually stayed in a van park in their fart machine…hey!…. I didn’t name it!….and thats whats on the back window….anyway they had a blast and said it was well worth the effort and would go back again..yaaa hoo to that.

Some of the Fifo girls and friends left the country for Vegas and Hawaii,  they won’t be home for 15 days….poor old Hawaii……..Free Range will be setting off their seismic counters every time she laughs,  and probably have everyone running for higher ground…anyway hope they all have a great, safe trip…….
chromefest-30Before the stash!!! 
Now whats on this weekend for you to wrap your toes ina  knot over…a mixed bag of tricks.

Saturday 24th - Full Throttle Rockers – Footloose Social    Port Kembla Leagues Club
usually an entry fee,  check with their web site...links on the right.

Sat 24th - Grafitti Bombo Bowl - amazing duo to kick back and soak up the music...and the occasional dance tune to boot...

Sat 24th - SiRenics    Sussex Inlet Bowling Club - Great duo,  if your in the area well worth the night out...great dance floor,  will definatly suppy some rocking tunes for the dancers, and I believe after the last unpleasant incident there the kids are now to be kept under supervision...
they leave by 9.30 so you then have the dance floor just about to yourself.
maybe don't turn up until 9pm...

Sunday 25th - Garry & Darcy - another crackin duo that can provide fab music to dance to - lets hope there in the mood to get the floor rockin...of course some of the FIFO girls will be still away in Hawaii...so maybe the boys will out number the girls...who knows.


What’s been happening and what’s on this weekend.

Spotto at Husky.


Last weekend was fathers day so the FIFO gang all decended on the Country Club on Sunday arvo to celebrate….Google turned up with a few cup cakes…no, not Cads and Cusso,  real cup cakes,  with pretty red wrapings and white runny toppings….

Clockwise were our entertainers and what did they do...they bloody entertained,,,,we all had an absolute ball…the floor was rocking….our good friends from the Monday nighters brigade joined in the fun, we had lots of laughs and lots of dancing….if you didn’t have a good time there is no hope for you…better stay in bed and sook….

This is Mark’s last year as a duo with Mike,,,,we will miss these two,  they have consistently been two of the best entertainers at the club from the beginning,,,alway looking after the dancers and always willing to learn and perform good dance numbers.

You never sit around very often when the boys are there….Hopefull Mike can find a worthy replacement so we don’t lose another good friendly dance duo,  There hard to find!…

Cusso let loose,  Cads,  well he was Cads of old,  and Steady started to look decidedly unsteady by the end of it….Our mate Hoover is recovering from having his bits re-arranged, and the girls, Google, Sybil, (drip dry) ……don’t ask! ……. Starter Buttons, The Pest, Free Range and Mu all contributed to a great arvo,  It was great to have Mu back on the floor and hopefully her back and bottom troubles are all behind her,  “no pun intended” ….

This weekend there are a few good options – our friends the Flatliners (linedancers) are having their big fund raising 20th anniversary ball this weekend…so all our crossovers will be very tired by the end of it…kicks off on Friday night with a meet and greet ball,  then workshops on Saturday and the big ball Saturday night..White and Bling is the theme..

A couple of us FIFO gang “MALES” will have to hand in our FIFO membership for the weekend…where in a comedy skitt with the girls on stage on Saturday night….Im not saying anything more, the pictures and video that will surely appear will tell all.

carols image from crack run!! 2014And before we cop a caning from certain FIFO members for what’s about to unfold…thought Id show a little reminder of certain FIFO past performances…..need i say more!

The Shoalhaven Linedancers have been going 20 years
,  and have raised over $50.000 for local charity, the hospital and good causes in that time…fantastic effort…we  FIFO’s sometimes give the Flatliners a friendly hard time,  but we love them,  and Id like to see who else in the dancing fraternity around here could come close to that…

And we wish our good friend Carol Lock a speedy recovery from quad bi pass surgery this week…

FIFO Dance practice – the friendly, no fuss dance group, had a great time on Tuesday night,  we did quite a bit,  we went over some old stuff and reinforced some of the basics,,,good to have HI, HO and Silver back, and Janett,  Hoover came along and joined in the fun but had to take it easy after his opp…unfortunately I had a twistted ankle and found it a bit hard,,,thanks to Cusso for stepping in and helping out…..
What’s on for all you feet twisting, bum gyrattttttting dancers

Saturday 10th Sept - Clockwise    Greenwell Pt Bowlo
as above.

Saturday 10th Rockin’ Jukebox Duo    Bomaderry Bowling Club
No Idea.

Sunday 11th Jacii Leigh & Dave Price    Basin Country Club – Lounge
Always good….mixed bag but danceable.

And for the travelers
Sunday 11th Midnight Drifters Bulli Workers Club

whats been happening

Not a great deal really – so many of our gang have had little problems lately it’s  rediculous,  poor Mu is unable to dance because of a cronic back problem she just cant shift,…Hover had to have an opp to adjust some bits,……. Steady has been layed up with either his big toe, his shoulder and now his hamstring,   bugger me what’ going on…..Hi Ho and Silver have been baby sitting a pain in the butt dog that rips everything to pieces if left alone,  so they have been house bound until the end of the month……Gail had a knee reconstruction and will be out for  who knows……… Starter Buttons had a sore hip last weekend and couldn't dance,,,struth!!! what a bunch of old croaks we are...

On top of that the entertainment has been a bit hit and miss,,,,might have to travel a bit futher to get some more variety who play dance numbers.

Tuesday Nights Practice.
That has been good,  with so many being either sick of injured we have had a small gang mostly…last week we put together a different swing routine and it went off well       everyone coped with it really well,  so now we have a good base to work with,,,,

What’s ya lot for this weekend…

Friday 26th - Clockwise    Nowra Bowling Club – locally the pick of  the bunch---these boys know how to get the floor pumping,  providing a good mix of dance tunes…

Saturday - Graphiti    Basin Country Club – Lounge. – Great listening duo,  with a few danceable tunes,  as long as the numbskulls stay away.

Sunday - D’BanJac    Basin Country Club – Lounge – a mixed bag of tricks,  been playing a lot of girly numbers of late….so some of the gang have been laying abit low….but great entertainers, and still a
good way to end the weekend with a few drinbks and ya mates.

Midnight Drifters    Kiama Leagues Club - - definatly the pick for the Sunday,  a full band of experienced rock and roll players….not that far away….might be worth the effort for some.

Hopefully see ya on the floor Sunday if not before…

Blast from the past.

What’s been happening.

Lots of stuff has been going on…been plenty of dancing with some good acts up the club and at other venues…Deb and Jac a couple of weeks ago….It was suppose to be David Price and Jaccii but David had the flu,  and last weekend with Matt and Steve was a beauty.  Their great rock and roll performers and fill the floor, they even tripped out the sensor twice….they were rocking the roof off the joint.
thanks fellas for a great arvo.

And what’s with Steady, on the floor more than once in a night,  struth,  almost back to his old self…

We also miss our MU,  she has a bad back at the moment,  but some  positive thinking will see her back soon…..she better be….I miss my MU.

And the Pest is out with a sore back as well, from shifting stones for a path – that slave driving Cusso,,,all good him sunning himself on the beach at work while his little Pest does all the heavy lifting…mmm, have to ask him his secret.


It was great to catch up with Danny andf Janette after so much time away in WA.


Theres always one!


FIFO fun


fun stuff.


It was all to much for Steady,  getting up to dance more than twice in a night took it’s toll….poor old bastard…

After a hard day working on my Bedford project the  FIFO gang and friends all come back to our place and the Moonshine Room for a B.B.Q and Bon fire.
That was a great night considering it had been wet and windy right up until that day,  then it cleared to a beautiful day, the stars came out, and the wind disappeared.
Thanks all for coming,
So,  whats on this weekend.
Saturday 13th - Garry James    Worrigee Sports Club – tiny floor but you know you will get some dancing with Garry.

Saturday 13th - Graphiti     Greenwell Pt Bowlo – fantastic couple,,,Mike and Monica, some dancing,  but star performers worth just kicking back and listening..

SBCC - Sunday 14th....Jacii & Dave.
Should be a good arvo, they played a great mix of tunes to suit everyone last time.

We have enough to keep us satisfied and our toes a tappin…
I had a visitor today – Rob and his 1927 Chevy truck.  I have done some signwriting on his tailgate so he called in to show me how it came out when it was put back on the truck.
What a rig…he found it as a complete rusted wreck and bought it for 400 dollars, but with all the old boards rotted but still piled in the chassic so he had templates for the resto.


Wrap up and what’s on

Rock A Billy

What an arvo – this man rocks when he’s on…His mix was great and he had the dance floor pumping with heaps of people getting amongst it – it seems ages since that has happened….Billy plays some classics but there different to everyone elses, so we don’t hear them that much and it was great to dance to – he always provides us with some swing, rock and roll and a couple of waltz’s etc thrown in.  Right from the start….a few slower numbers,  then some dance numbers…a couple more slower ones and then some more dance numbers – Your never sitting around much.  I wore myself out again…it’s been a while since I did that…good to see so many others enjoying the dance floor as well.
Thanks Billy for a fantastic afternoon…hope they get you back a bit sooner Billy…great stuff…


Dance Practice.
Well most of the crew were away so it was a quiet one…but we had a great time,  we went over some of our newer moves and learn’t a brand new one on the night….everyone chipped in and this is how it is suppose to be…I had a great time,  thanks to all that came…
Now get out there and find a few more moves you lot….

What’s on this weekend.
Well Saturday the old coffee garage at Wandandian will be now opening as some sort of retro, vintage, old antique stuff store and have asked us to come along and do some dancing – not sure how many will turn up but Sybil and I are going for a little while a bit later…They are suppose to have some sort of duo playing…not sure who,  and the dancing will be on concrete,  so Im not expecting to much,  but you never know!

There's a new shop opening in Wandy "Creative Vintage Centre" (where the Coffee Garage used to be) on the 16th July at 10am. They are hoping to get a lot of Kustom, Classic & Hot Rods and Rock & Roll music & dancers for the opening.
Come along & support a new business in the area.
A few of us are going to be there…should be a fun time.

What’s ya lot otherwise for this weekend.

Friday 15th - Full Throttle Rockers - Westside Rockers Social  -  Illawarra Master

Sunday 17th – Jacci and David Price – Basin Country Club – This should be a good arvo
David id a great preformer and loves rock and roll, He’s stepping in for Deb over the next few gigs,,,mixed with Jaccii they should provide us with plenty of dancing fun  -  lets hope so!


Weekend report.

Not much was happening on the local scene last week.
Lucky for the club on Sunday – Clockwise were our entertainers and while not playing as much dance rock and roll as they usually do there were plenty of other dance numbers to dance to.

I never stopped, lots of ladies to service “if ya know what I mean”  well sometimes I feel like a revolving dance door…one off another on….but loving every minute of it.

The Clockwise boys high quality music is always a pleasure and Mike strutted his stuff with a few numbers and had the house cheering…..Mark will be leaving the deadly duo at the end of the year and hopefully Mike can find himself somone else to keep it going…be such a shame to lose a reliable dance music duo.

Anyway we now have the Husky hall every Tuesday so this has interrupted our monthly table tennis tournaments…so we will have to arrange another night..

Dance paractice was great…a good turn out….we went over our newest moves and introduced another to the delight of all called the Rotator….this was a pretty easy combo of turns rotations and turns.

There are a few decent things on the horizon – check out our Facebook page for more details,  links on the right.

Memorable moments.
Steady the  ever ready  copped a bit of stick for not standing up to his missus .  Impressions were made of him being a puppet with Google controlling his every movement - funny stuff.
Blast from the past.
What’s on next weekend

Greenwell Point Bowlo
Saturday night 9th .....Clockwise.
More of a mixed bag of music,  but great music,  and a good floor.

Bombo Bowling Club
Saturday Night 9th - Matt and Steve.
Always great for the dancers, will be a great night.

Sunday 10th....Rock A Billy
Billy rocked the joint last time he was in town which seems an age ago – lets hope he does the same.


Weekend Wrap up

Saturday night Darcy and Garry James
Sussex Inlet Bowling Club.

The night started off great, we had around 25 people turn up, a lot of locals and others like ourselves had travelled from Huskisson, and Sanctuary point,  for what was suppose to be a fun night, we arrived early for tea,  but unfortunatly it quickly turned into a memorable night for all the wrong reasons.

Before 9.30
We usually have to put up with kids running around the club which is in itself pretty amazing, because one day someone will be tripped up and hurt and the club will find itself in court -  but with patience, we usually cope with this ok,  by 9.30pm they have to leave and the dance floor becomes ours.

This week was a whole different ball game, kids running absolutly out of control, climbing chairs, trying to get on the stage, leaving toys supplied by the club on the floor for anyone to trip over, and irresponsible parents who didn’t give a dam.

Then this complete fool of a “man” in his late 50’s associated with the group decides he will cause havoc amongst the dancers who were staying up one end, well away from their group, by purposely getting amongst the dancers until he backed into one of our ladies and she had to give him a push away,  he then shows how much of a “man” he is by calling her a f***king  C**t … nice………he then threatens one of our dancers saying “he will put him in an ambulance”…despite us complaining to the management nothing was done,  The fellow then stood there arm folded staring at our group trying to envoke a response. It could have easily spiraled out of control,  Some of our dancers who were there for the first time on our encouragement had had enough and went home, saying they won’t be coming back…and then to rub salt into the wounds the staff member on the night gives the dickhead a cuddle…..completely inadequate response from the club,,,,,,,,a shameful display of lack of control and complete ineptness on the part of the club,,,

After 9.30pm.
Well what a different place.
We could finally get to appreciate the great music Garry and Darcy were playing,   the dickheads had left and the people hit the floor, lots of smiles, lots of fun, other people not associated with us hit the floor  and one lady who had seen the trouble caused by the fool, commented to me on the bad behavior of the other group and lack of response from the club management.

We had a ball,  Three fellas sitting off the side were clapping and cheering, they thanked us for the dancing entertainment.
Thankfully the night ended on a high…but the earlier perfomance left a bad taste.

The club has to make up it’s mind…do they want visitors there? Do they want them to spread a positive message about the club? or do they want to cater for trouble makers and have the club look like a childrens play ground. BAD NEWS TRAVEL FAST!

Id suggest on the nights they have a band, with the purpose im guessing of attracting people to the club and presumably having a dance and enjoying the entertainers, the children should be off the floor by at least 8.30pm and there should be some sort of security at hand to control the drunken idiots and children.

The club in my opinion is failing their “duty of care” it’s the only club we go to that lets this happen.

Will we be going back to the club?,  I seriously doubt it. not if this will be the norm.
So this club with inadequate facility to deal with drunken drongo’s looses good local people in place of idiots…..

All these shots are from after 9.30 – there weren’t to many smiling faces before….


And the last image is for all the dicks that tried to make the nigh misserable…cop the FIFO salute.
Sunday Garry James.
I think Garry was feeling a little tired this week, he wasn’t quite his usuall self…..maybe MU has been harrasing him to much….I nice afternoon.  a mix of tracks some dancing and listening tunes.
Not a lot of people in the club right from the get go,  maybe the clod weather keeps them all at home.

What’s ya lot for the week

Been a bit slack of late – actually been a bit busy with all manner of things so haven’t bothered keeping the info flow rolling.
But we have had some memorable dancing moments.
and since most of your were there I wont bother boring you with un necessary details…cause I can’t remember them anyway!

But this weekend we have no excuse for not getting our toes moving, our bums wigglin,  and our hearts racing.

Sussex Bowling Club
Darry and Darcy - 7pm kick off.
This dynamic duo pair up for your dancing entertainment.

You have to put up with the raffles and kiddlies until 9pm, but after that the crowd leave and
we usually have the floor to ourselves, so it’s worth showing some patience…

Sunday 26th...Garry James – Great way to finish off the weekend – good friends, dancing and a few ales.  what more do you want.

FIFO Xmas Party
3 December at 18:00
Husky Community Hall

Google has uploaded a page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1645123752473804/ -
for all those that are interested….The David Price Band rocked our Xmas World last year so this year we thought we would go with them again,  but they will have the 5 piece band this year with the inclusion of their great Sax player….It going to be a blast – have to let us know asap because ther has already been a lot of people commit, and we have limited numbers, cause we want to keep it small and plenty of room…It aint about the numbers or money, it’s all about having fun…

Weekend wrap up

What a great weekend
Saturday Steady and Cads came over to the shed,  shared a few beers and helped me put the front end together on  “Bones” that was a blast – Steady led the way, Cads assisted and I supplied the beer.
Thanks fellas, great to have such mates,  and then I was informed while all this was going on Cusso was in his workshop miles away by himself,  finishing off my seat bases. what can I say other than thanks so much,  and the beer and food will be on me when she finally gets a new set of plates on her bum…  which is getting closer…
Grafiti – Saturday Night.  Despite Moinica having the flue she ripped out the songs,  Mike ripped out the guitar and created some fantastic entertainment.  It was a pity about the drop kicks that wanted to create some trouble.  this was sort of sorted by the security,  but not completly…guess we wont be going to the club on a saturday night much more…this has happened a few times now.  Don’t know where the responsible service of alcohol begings and ends…anyway other than that,,,the trusty Grafiti duo were fantastic…have to be one of the best duo’s going around…not a rock and roll duo as we usually go to,  but a great duo to sit back and enjoy….Monica’s voice and style are fantastic….we will follow them elsewhere in the future if we get the chance.
“Let me have the last waltz with you”
Stan ‘The Man” Glennie – was our entertainer,  it was Stans last gig before heading off into the wild blue younder for his trip to the northern regions of OZ seeking warmer territory…his poor old fragile bones can’t stand the cold….We had a great arvo,  Stan seemed a little tired at first – but the last couple of brackets he hit his straps and had us rocking the floor…he finished off the night with a slow sexy Waltz for all the geriatrics out there – haha – including me!! what the hell! a Waltz…Ill be doing Fox Trots next, maybe even a … a …… Cha Cha – shoot me if i do….serious! -  just shoot me..
Have a safe trip mate – see ya towards the end of the year.

There's a new shop opening in Wandy "Creative Vintage Centre" (where the Coffee Garage used to be) on the 16th July at 10am. They are hoping to get a lot of Kustom, Classic & Hot Rods and Rock & Roll music & dancers for the opening.
Come along & support a new business in the area.

A few of us are going to be there…should be a fun time.